Hi, I'm Zeke.

I'm currently a software engineer at Square. I work on backend Risk infrastructure, building APIs and tooling to prevent fraudsters from abusing Square's platform. I work mostly in Java these days, with some Ruby and Terraform mixed in.

I'm based in San Francisco, working remotely. In my free time I enjoy developing apps for Apple platforms. I'm also a pop music fan and a die-hard swiftie.

My resume is available here: [link tbd]
If you'd like to reach me, email is your best bet: zekesnider (at) me dot com


Here's a few of the personal projects that I've worked on.


Chronolyzer running on a Macbook Air

Chronolyzer is a timestamp utility for macOS. It allows you easily convert between different timestamp formats, and customize the display to your use case.


Jared banner that has the icon, title, and description saying 'An iMessage chat bot'

An easily extensible chat bot for iMessage written in Swift.