Here’s my highly anticipated list of favorite iOS apps. A follow up to my favorite Mac apps.


My favorite password manager is excellent on iOS. A must have for me.


Overcast is by far my favorite podcast app on iOS. According to the settings panel, Overcast’s smart speed feature has saved me 55 hours of listening time. The app is very nicely designed, features smart speed & voice boost, and has a robust sync service backing it. If you are using another podcast app, I highly recommend giving Overcast a try.


Tweetbot is a beautifully designed third party twitter client. The default twitter app is gross, I only use it to access polls or other features which Tweetbot is unable to add due to lack of API support from Twitter.


Perhaps this goes without saying, but I really enjoy using Instagram.


I have an automatic dingus in my car, and the app is great at letting me view past routes, and interesting statistics and such.


If you’re looking for a more advanced calculator than the system default (or you need an iPad calculator), PCalc is excellent. It is feature rich and is frequently updated with any new features added to the OS.


The better ride sharing app. (Uber is a terrible company)


The fastest and easiest way to send money to friends or family. We’re done using those other apps.

Dark Sky

Up to the minute weather notifications that really work. Getting a notification on your wrist when rain is about to arrive is often very useful. The app also provides more detailed weather info than available in the default weather app. I still use the default app as well, but Dark Sky is a great backup.


The best way to automate common tasks on iOS. A really powerful tool. So good it got bought out by Apple. My favorite workflow: one that quick-plays Melodrama by Lorde.


My favorite Japanese dictionary on iOS.

Day One

Day One is how I journal. I’ve written in detail about it in my Mac Apps post, and the iOS app has feature parity. It’s delightful.

Stack Exchange

I enjoy browsing stack exchange sites, and the app is surprisingly native and feature rich. Recommended if you’re a frequent visitor to any stack exchange sites.

The Washington Post

My favorite news site has a solid iOS app. I prefer scrolling through in the WaPo app instead of Apple’s News app because of how nicely it is laid out.