• A Blog Post

    It’s been 364 days since my last post, so I’m getting right in under that 1 year mark so that I can still declare that my blog is regularly updated. Here are some boring random tidbits that somehow constitute a blog post.

  • Coldplay A Head Full of Dreams image

    Coldplay Favorites

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot since their amazing Seattle show, so I made a playlist of my favorite Coldplay songs.

  • Gold iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

    My Favorite iOS Apps

    Here’s my highly anticipated list of favorite iOS apps. A follow up to my favorite Mac apps.

  • macOS High Sierra desktop

    My Favorite Mac Apps

    Here’s a list of my favorite (third party) Mac apps.

  • Jekyll homepage

    Blogging in 2017

    I’ve always enjoyed blogging, but have been very lazy recently about getting around to it. And part of that is because I haven’t really had a good home for all my content. I’ve been using Medium because it’s easy and fast. The design is pretty good and has suited my needs. But I really want a place that’s my very own on the WWW. One that’s not owned by any corporation, that I have (almost) complete control over.