• Automatic Reference Counting with `self`

    Recently, when working on Jared, I ran into an interesting memory leak. Jared is written nearly entirely in Swift, which uses ARC for memory allocation. As advertised, it usually “just works”. However in this case some of my callback code had unintended side effects.

  • Now that's what I call music album art except badly edited to say now that's what I call the best stuff of the decade instead

    Best of the decade

    This is the stuff that I enjoyed the most since 2010.

  • homekit blinds UI

    Homekit Servo Blinds

    I have little experience with hardware, but had a goal that I wanted to retrofit my completely manually operated blinds so that I could control them via HomeKit. This post is about how I accomplished exactly that! The final solution is controllable down to a percentage via siri and the home app.

  • How to run homebridge in the background

    A no BS guide to running homebridge in the background on a unix system (requires systemd). Works 70% of the time every time.

  • iMessage icon with robot emoji

    The Making of Jared

    I’ve realized that I’ve never written about my side project Jared here, and its background, so I figured now is a good time.